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There’s always a lot happening at FGBC and in the world of green building. Here, we’ve assembled information that will keep you abreast of recent developments in our organization and throughout our industry. We hope you find the news links interesting and helpful, and the event calendar a timely resource to help keep you plugged into other opportunities where you can continue to enhance your knowledge on the subjects of green building and sustainability.

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Energy News

Environment Benefits of Solar Panels
[Nov 18, 2022] These devices can decrease emissions, improve air quality and limit global warming.

The Benefits of Renewables for Energy
[Nov 4, 2022] Renewables come with an array of benefits, but why might they be the better option for energy? Read on to find out.

Environmental Protection News

How to Celebrate Plastic Free July at Your Business
[Jul 15, 2020] Plastic Free July can be an effective way to start your sustainable journey. Follow these four steps.

5 Million Gallons of Wastewater Overflow into Maryland Creek
[Aug 12, 2019] 5.22 million gallons of sewer water overflows into Maryland's Broad Creek.

Massachusetts Real Estate Developer Will Pay $48,000 for Alleged Clean Water Act Violations
[Aug 6, 2019] EPA alleged that Farfard Real Estate and Development Corporation did not follow its Clean Water Act permit in Ledgemere Country Residential Development, Maplebrooke Commons Condominiums and Lakeview Estates.

Top Technology

The bubbling universe: A previously unknown phase transition in the early universe
[Feb 1, 2023] What happened shortly after the universe was born in the Big Bang and began to expand? Bubbles occurred and a previously unknown phase transition happened, according to particle physicists.

Plasma-Structural Coloring: A new colorful approach to an inkless future
[Feb 1, 2023] New developments for achieving structural coloring through plasma irradiation of graphite can reduce the reliance upon harmful color dyes. Colors achieved by plasma irradiation are completely erasable and can be manipulated using time exposed to the plasma irradiation, intensity of the irradiation and the thickness of the graphite layer applied. The application of plasma-structural coloring aims to lessen the environmental toll typical adverse dyes have and combat them with the technology surrounding structural colors.

Using CRISPR to detect cancer biomarkers
[Feb 1, 2023] Most cancer diagnostic techniques rely on uncomfortable and invasive procedures, such as biopsies, endoscopies or mammograms. Blood samples could be a less unpleasant option, though only a few forms of the disease can currently be diagnosed this way. But now, researchers have developed an easy-to-use method that can detect small amounts of cancer-related molecules in exosomes in plasma and effectively distinguish between malignant and benign samples.

Top Environment

Seawater split to produce 'green' hydrogen
[Feb 1, 2023] Researchers have successfully split seawater without pre-treatment to produce green hydrogen.

Genomic methods aid study of Seattle 2017-2022 Shigella outbreak
[Feb 1, 2023] A genomic study of a sustained, multidrug-resistant Shigellosis outbreak in Seattle from 2017 to 2022 enabled scientists to retrace its origin and spread. Additional analysis of the gut pathogen and its transmission patterns helped direct approaches to testing, treatment, and public health responses. The aim of the study was to better understand the community transmission and spread of antimicrobial resistance and to treat these multi-drug resistant infections more effectively.

Smart stitches could reduce infection and simplify post op monitoring
[Feb 1, 2023] A new antimicrobial suture material that glows in medical imaging could provide a promising alternative for mesh implants and internal stitches.