May 24, 2016

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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Kessler, Premier Construction Win Parade of Homes Green Awards
Report Highlights Green Construction Economic Impact on States' GDP
Natural Gas Line Leaks Mapped With New High-Tech  Sensor Tool
Fleet Farming: Orlando's New Landscaping Trend
Florida Opts to Not Seek Foreclosure-Relief Funds
ISO 5001 Energy Standard Reduced Energy Use 30 Percent, Saved $500k
New App Helps Design A Dementia-Friendly Home
Miami-Dade Turns to Smart Leak Detection In A $13 Billion Infrastructure Upgrader
Communities of Excellence Awards Showcase Environmental Achievements
TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Folding Mattress Keeps Gadgets Charged and Drinks Cool at the Beach
National Zero Waste Business Conference 'Tuning in to Zero Waste' Set for June 1-4
Community Power Network Seeks Florida Program Director
MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Capital Group - A Green Real Estate Development Company
FGBC Welcomes New Members
Education Opportunities
Funding Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Articles of Interest:
Want A Programmable LED T-Shirt?
Shea Homes Uses 3D Printing to See Model Homes Before Production Starts
Florida-Based Saltwater Brewery Develops Marine-Life Safe, Edible Six-Pack Rings
Electricity-Generating Paving Tiles Tested in DuPont Circle
FL DEP Proposed Weakening Limits on Toxic Chemicals that Can Be Released into Surface Waters

Kessler, Premier Construction Win
Parade of Homes Green Awards

The Tallahassee Builders Association just wrapped up its annual Parade of Homes show, which included seven entries in the Green Awards category, sponsored by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC).

The Southern Oaks Model Home by Kessler Construction was highest scoring home in the Green Awards category of the Tallahassee Builders Association Parade of Homes.
Kessler Construction took highest-scoring green honors for its model home in the Southern Oaks development located at 4969 Southern Oaks Drive in Tallahassee. The 3,319 square-feet home earned a gold-level score of 173, out of a 100-point requirement.

A Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) of 53, along with an Energy Star Qualified rating and incorporation of  low-voltage or photovoltaic exterior lighting ensures the home will be exceptionally energy efficient. Other energy conservation measures include sealing and insulating the floor joist perimeter, installation of energy-efficient appliances, and using light-colored interior paint that reflects the suns heat. These measures will reduce energy use about 5,700 kW/h per year for a savings of approximately $740. [More]

Premier won top honors in the Green Awards "Under 1900 s.f. category for its 3673 Velda Oaks Circle home.

Premier Construction & Development
3673 Velda Oaks Circle

Premier Construction & Development won in the green"Under 1900 square-feet" category for its home located at 3673 Velda Oaks Circle. The home was certified at the gold-level with a score of 171 and is Energy Star Qualified. Advanced ladder-T wall framing and two stud corners with drywall clips allow for full wall insulation, increasing the home's energy efficiency. Based on the HERS of 64, this home will be approximately 26 percent more efficient than a home built to the minimum Florida Building Code requirements.

To address water conservation, low-flow plumbing fixtures were installed, 100 percent of the landscaped plants and trees are drought tolerant, and the irrigation system was verified for optimal performance and elimination of overspray onto non-porous hardscapes.

A universally designed living area will help accommodate occupants with mobility limitations. Other health focused approaches include a controlled mechanical ventilation system to keep the indoor air cleaner while also maintaining an appropriate humidity level. Minimizing the use of carpet and using healthy flooring and insulation also acts to create better indoor air quality. [More]

Other participants in the Tallahassee Parade of Homes green awards category were:

Adams Quality Homes
5704 Sumter Hill Lane
Score: 150, Level: Silver

Richard Sneed Construction
7265 White Clover Court
Score: 147, Level: Silver

Premier Construction & Development
5149 Holly Fern Trace
Score: 152, Level: Silver

Premier Construction & Development
2501 Lantana Lane
Score: 154, Level: Silver

Trudeau Fine Homes
4205 Sierra Woods Trail
Score: Pending
(A complete green profile will be published once the home is certified.)


Report Highlights Green Construction
Economic Impact on States' GDP

Just what is the contribution of green construction to state economies? In Florida for the period 2011 - 2014, green construction contributed $12 billion, ranking Florida the third highest state in the nation, according to the "Green Building Economic Impact Study" prepared by Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean, VA. Only California and Texas had higher green building economic contributions to states' GDP.

Green buildings also result in real, quantifiable savings. These savings are reported most often across four savings categories:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Trash
  • Maintenance labor

Green construction can also save money in reducing disposal cost of construction waste and through integrated design process. From 2015 - 2018, the green construction market is expected to generate $2.4 billion in energy savings, $99.2 million in trash savings, $256.5 million in water and $1.5 billion in maintenance savings

What does the future hold? Between 2015 - 2018 analysts predict:

  • Green construction spending is forecasted to grow 14.1% year over year to $224.4 Billion
  • National green construction will directly impact GDP by $303.4 billion
  • Green construction will directly support over 3.9 million jobs generating $268.4 billion in labor earnings

[Full Report]

Natural Gas Line Leaks Mapped
With New High-Tech  Sensor Tool

How safe are the natural gas lines under your street? A new high-tech tool is helping to answer that question, while potentially sparing damage to the environment and your wallet. The collaboration between the Environmental Defense Fund and Google Earth Outreach sent cars equipped with special sensors driving all across Jacksonville to create an interactive map that shows where methane is leaking from natural gas lines. Jacksonville is one of eight cities nationwide to pilot this leak-mapping technology.

Environmental Defense Fund consultant Mary Gade says researchers drove more than 820 miles and found nearly 90 small leaks, many of which were unknown to the utility company. She says even small leaks pose a big environmental challenge.

"They're not a safety hazard, and so for years can be leaking methane into the atmosphere, causing climate impacts," says Gade. "And then of course, there's also consumer ramifications from this, because any gas that's lost from the system is an economic loss for ratepayers." She explains if methane is allowed to leak into the air before being used, it absorbs the sun's heat, warming the atmosphere. For this reason, it's considered a greenhouse gas, like carbon dioxide.

Gade says Jacksonville fared much better than other cities with older infrastructures they've mapped, including Chicago and Boston. She adds Florida should be proud of its strong regulatory framework for replacing and repairing older pipes, although sometimes, smaller leaks go undetected. Gade says the new mapping technology could be a valuable tool in the fight to reduce climate change. [More]

Fleet Farming:
Orlando's New Landscaping Trend

In Florida, homeowners have a propensity for landscaping. They take great pride in the green carpet of grass in front of their homes. But Chris Castro is working on a project that's turning his neighbors' perfectly manicured lawns into working farms.

"The amount of interest in Orlando is incredibly surprising," Castro says. Surprising because he's asking Floridians to hand over a good chunk of their precious yards to volunteers who plant gardens full of produce. His program is called Fleet Farming. Castro makes sure every garden is meticulously maintained.

All of Fleet Farming's volunteers only ride bikes, going from garden to garden to harvest the produce. Because the program is bike-powered, Castro keeps the yard gardens within a mile of the local farmers market, where Fleet Farming sells most of the produce. [More]

Florida Opts to Not Seek Foreclosure-Relief Funds
Already lagging behind the rest of the country in aiding struggling homeowners with federal foreclosure-relief funds, Florida missed out on a chance at $250 million in additional assistance.

More than a dozen of the nation's 18 hardest-hit states got word at the end of April that they won a new round of federal foreclosure-relief funds they had sought. Florida was not among those states. It never applied, a Treasury spokesman said, even though it may have gotten $250 million.

State officials did not say why they didn't seek the funds but pointed instead to a $78 million infusion of "Hardest Hit Funds," which the federal government gave to all qualified states. [More]

ISO 5001 Energy Standard Reduced
Energy Use 30 Percent, Saved $500k

The voluntary ISO 5001 standard provides a framework for organizations to better manage and continually improve their energy performance, including increasing the energy efficiency of their operations. Facilities in the U.S. Department of Energy-managed SEP program have met the ISO standard and improved their energy performance up to 30 percent over three years. For example, nine SEP-certified facilities have already saved, on average, more than $500,000 a year from improvements with little or no capital costs. [More]

New App Helps Design A Dementia-Friendly Home
Aging-in-place design commonly accounts for a lot of the physical ailments of getting older, but they don't often account for mental ailments, like dementia.

Alzheimer's Australia Vic, a regional organization of Alzheimer's Disease International, developed a new app to help designers and caregivers create a home environment that helps seniors manage the effects of dementia.

The Dementia-Friendly Home uses a 3D model home in which users can navigate through a floorplan. As users move through the rooms, little question marks pop up demonstrating one of ten principles of a dementia-friendly environment. The principles were designed to make people understand all of the effects of dementia, not just the commonly known memory problems. People living with dementia also face spatial and visual problems. [More] [10 Principles]

Miami-Dade Turns to Smart Leak Detection
In A $13 Billion Infrastructure Upgrade

Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department, the largest utility in the southeastern US, operates more than 8,000 miles of water transmission and distribution lines in its system. During the next 15 to 20 years, the department is tasked with implementing a $13.5 billion capital improvement program to upgrade the county's water and sewer infrastructure and achieve a non-revenue water loss of less than 10 percent to comply with regulatory policies.

After completing a competitive trial program with the goal of reducing water loss through intelligent leak detection technology, smart water loss and leak detection technology company Gutermann will double its network of remote, always-on measurements points in Miami-Dade County. It will install these to nearly 40 miles of the water distribution lines throughout the service area, allowing the county to improve its capacity to pinpoint water leaks, reducing response time and man-hours for repairs to the system. [More]

Communities of Excellence Awards
Showcase Environmental Achievements

The Florida Communities of Excellence Awards is an independent recognition program for innovative practices in condominium and homeowner association management throughout Florida. More than 600 communities participated in the 2016 competition, the eighth year of the awards.

Green-related category winners were:

Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation


TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Folding Mattress Keeps Gadgets Charged
And Drinks Cool at the Beach

Designed for sweltering afternoons at the beach, the new Beachill A-Zero folding mattress puts a comfy layer of foam between you and the hot sand. It also charges your smartphone with help from the pounding sun and keeps your beverages cool. [More]

National Zero Waste Business Conference
'Tuning in to Zero Waste' Set for June 1-4

The 5th annual National Zero Waste Business Conference, Tuning in to Zero Waste, is the premier event for waste reduction at businesses and beyond. The conference, scheduled for June 1-4, 2016,  is conducted by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council ( in partnership with local host and title sponsor Austin Resource Recovery in Austin, TX - a city known for great music and progressive Zero Waste actions.

Get the latest best practices from experts who are making Zero Waste a reality. Sessions focus on Zero Waste operations, economics, policies, and more. Keynote speakers include Kathy Loftus, Whole Foods Market Global Leader of Sustainable Facilities and Mathy Stanislaus, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response at the U.S. EPA.

Leading organizations such as Sodexo, General Motors, NRDC, Samsung, Etsy, local host Austin Resource Recovery, and others will also be sharing their Zero Waste best practices.

No matter where you are on your Zero Waste journey, the conference will provide educational resources and tools to drive your efforts. This includes an introductory Zero Waste 101 workshop, a colleges & universities workshop, and tours of local facilities including Samsung, the ESPN X Games at the Circuit of the Americas, University of Texas, and Organics by Gosh composting facility.

Professionals from all sectors (private, public, nonprofit, academia) are invited to gain practical knowledge, explore new business opportunities, and learn how to exceed waste reduction goals while cutting costs. Visit the USZWBC website ( for more information including complete program, registration, sponsorship opportunities, tours, workshops, networking opportunities, and much more.

Special offer for FGBC network: Enter the code "nzwbc16FGBC" during registration and a set of 20% off early-bird discounted rates will appear!!! Register today!

Community Power Network
Seeks Florida Program Director

Community Power Network (including DC SUN, MD SUN, WV SUN, VA SUN, and OH SUN) is seeking an FL SUN Program Director to launch our Florida program and develop and deploy solar co-ops in the state.

The Director will implement solar co-op programs in Florida, as well as conduct extensive communications, outreach, press, and trainings around the solar co-op model, with the goal of scaling up their impact and reach.

The Director will also build out the online web infrastructure for the FL SUN website, to in-depth information on solar basics, as well as serve as an invaluable resource and forum for policy discussions and citizen engagement.

The goal of the position is to jumpstart residential solar installations in Florida and help grow the citizen movement for solar. [More]

Member Spotlight:

Capital Group
A Green Real Estate Development Company

Mario Caprini, CEO of Capital Group in Boca Raton, is a seasoned real estate investor and builder-developer who has developed over 1,000 residential units, 5 million square feet of industrial parks, and managed hundreds of thousands of square feet of office, retail, and medical buildings. Some of the notable achievements in his career range from Entrepreneur of the year in Montreal, best residential project in Canada, to best office development in North East Ohio.

Eco Building Armor is a division of Capital Group that provides turnkey services relating to Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) technology using a next generation of SIPs with Magnesium Oxide Board (MGO).

"We believe Eco Building Armor will be as significant a shift in the construction industry as the transition from plastered walls and ceilings to drywall!", says Mario. [More]

New Members:

FGBC Welcomes New Members & Certifying Agents

Mario Caprini
Capital Group Developments
Boca Raton

Philip Dahan
Florida East Coast Realty

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May 24-25, 2016
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July 14, 2016
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October 18-19, 2016
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October 20, 2016
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