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Pinecrest, Village of

Pinecrest, Village of

12645 Pinecrest Pkwy
Pinecrest, FL 33156
Local Government
Certification Date:
May 8, 2012
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Registration Date:
November 23, 2010
Submittal Date:
September 7, 2011
Project Contact:
Yocelyn Galiano-Gomez
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Village of Pinecrest
12645 Pinecrest Pkwy
Pinecrest, FL 33156


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Certification Review

Jeremy Nelson

Green Achievements

  • Monitor and track local government energy and water use
  • Develop a local government energy and water reduction plan
  • Develop and encourage departments to implement an Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) program
  • Participate in Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  • Purchase alternative fuel vehicles
  • Employ green cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Enact green landscaping ordinance for local government buildings
  • Budget for publicity and education related to the government's commitment to green and organize green building education for local government staff
  • Offer green building or green local government education to the community
  • Offer free or discounted green products to the public
  • Maintain an active Florida Yards & Neighborhood (FYN) program or other landscaping outreach program for the community
  • Offer education of water conservation, organic farming, permaculture and sustainable agriculture within the agricultural sector and community
  • Adopt Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) or LEED green standards as official green building standards of the city
  • Offer incentives for FGBC or LEED certified commercial and institutional buildings
  • Offer incentives for FGBC certified green land developments and homes
  • Offer incentives for Energy Star certified green homes
  • Conduct a green building awards program and publicize green building projects as case studies
  • Require key staff to complete on a bi-annual basis approved course in green building
  • Require mitigation for consumption of natural habitat or resources
  • Enact and enforce a Florida Friendly landscaping ordinance for new construction
  • Enact and enforce a tree preservation or land-clearing ordinance
  • Enact a septic system replacement ordinance
  • Offer special promotion for local eco-hotels
  • Create and promote a green business certification program
  • Provide incentives for green redevelopment
  • Develop an historic preservation ordinance
  • Use alternative fuel vehicles and/or bicycle patrol for urban areas and neighborhoods
  • Maintain a green fleet program for the entire local government and utilize alternative fuel for school busses
  • Utilize non-lead bullets or trap and collect fragments on firing ranges
  • Operate a local government computer and equipment reuse center and recycle end-of-life electronic equipment
  • Enacted energy conservation policy so all computers and electronic equipment purchased has conservation features and ancillary equipment is powered off when not in use
  • Operate a website dedicated to the Village's green program and provide education content via the website and Village television programs
  • Provide the air quality index and water quality testing results on the website
  • Provide public transportation route searching and alternative commuting information via the internet
  • Create an endangered lands conservation/purchasing program
  • Enact open burning regulations
  • Require recycling at all local government buildings
  • Implement recycling stations for plastic, glass and aluminum containers at all public areas
  • Implement energy efficient lighting and controls for outdoor courts, parks and playfields
  • Develop and maintain urban area boundaries
  • Train and certify staff as certified arborists and employ green landscaping procedures for local government facilities
  • Develop a stormwater education campaign for the community
  • Involve students in green projects within and outside of the school
  • Provide rebates to the community for low-flow plumbing fixtures and enforce watering restrictions during meter reads
  • Provide reusable mugs and/or water bottles to all employees

Green Team Contacts


Yocelyn Galiano-Gomez
Village of Pinecrest
12645 Pinecrest Pkwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156
Phone: 305-234-2121
Fax: 305-234-2131