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Miami-Dade, County of

Miami-Dade, County of

111 NW 1st St, 22nd Floor
Steven P Clark Center
Miami, FL 33128
Local Government
Certification Date:
October 11, 2012
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Registration Date:
December 1, 2010
Submittal Date:
September 6, 2011
Project Contact:
Maribel Balbin
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Miami-Dade County
Stephen P Clark Center
111 NW 1st St, 22nd Floor
miami, FL 33128


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Certification Review

Jeremy Nelson

Green Achievements

  • Monitor and track local government energy use and develop an energy reduction plan
  • Monitor and track school district energy use
  • Monitor and track local government water use and develop a water reduction plan
  • Monitor and track local government solid waste generation and recycling rates
  • Develop a solid/hazardous waste reduction plan
  • Develop an Environmental Preferred Purchasing (EPP) program for the local government
  • Participate in Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
  • Purchase alternative fuel vehicles (AFV)
  • Construct green certified government buildings
  • Employ green cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Maintain an office or person to coordinate green activities
  • Implement an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • Adopt green standards as the official minimum criteria for new and renovated government buildings
  • Enact green landscaping ordinance for local government buildings
  • Utilize renewable energy on energy-efficient local government buildings
  • Budget for education and publicity related to the government's commitment to green and publish case studies on green building
  • Organize green building education for local government staff, industry professionals and community residents
  • Create an education campaign for water use reduction measures, such as Florida Friendly Landscaping and rainwater harvesting
  • Certify government properties using the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program
  • Enact and enforce a Florida Friendly Landscaping ordinance for new construction
  • Maintain an active Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FY&N) program or other landscaping outreach program to builders, developers and homeowners
  • Offer free and discounted green products to the public, including rebates for installation of low flow fixtures
  • Offer promotion and education on water conservation within the agricultural sector
  • Adopt FGBC or LEED green standards as official standards of the county
  • Offer incentives for FGBC, LEED or Energy Star certified commercial and institutional buildings
  • Offer incentives for FGBC certified land developments
  • Offer incentives for green redevelopment
  • Offer incentives for construction of green affordable and location efficient housing
  • Develop an historic preservation ordinance and funding mechanism to aid with historic preservation
  • Create an endangered lands conservation / purchasing program
  • Develop and implement plans for species removal throughout public lands
  • Provide incentives for disaster mitigation
  • Require mitigation for consumption of natural habitat or resources
  • Enact and enforce a tree preservation or land-clearing ordinance
  • Enact sea turtle ordinance for coastal areas and a manatee protection plan
  • Enact new construction plumbing standards that are more stringent than EP Act 1992 referencing Water Sense
  • Team with tourism department on eco-tourism campaign
  • Provide incentives for location of green businesses within the county and provide special promotion for local eco-hotels
  • Create or promote a green business certification program
  • Police trained in crime prevention through environmental design
  • Use AFV and/or bicycle patrol for urban/neighborhood areas
  • Review training operations with fire departments and conserve water where appropriate
  • Offer energy audits and incentives to commercial and residential customers for energy conservation
  • Enable customers to track and analyze their energy usage via the internet
  • Initiate a community-wide energy efficiency challenge
  • Provide incentives for alternative commuting to local government employees
  • Provide reusable mug/water bottle to all employees
  • New employee orientation includes county commitment to the environment
  • Recycle end-of-life electronic equipment
  • Enact policy so all computers and ancillary equipment purchased has conservation features and that it is turned off when not in use
  • Operate a website dedicated to the county's green program and develop environmental education content for the website, TV programs, etc.
  • Reduce emissions through the retrofitting of diesel vehicles
  • Develop a boat facility siting plan
  • Maintain an on-call water quality program
  • Publish the air quality index and water quality on the county's website
  • Operate an environmental demonstration / learning center and maintain organic community gardens
  • Install appropriate bicycle security at all public amenities
  • Obtain Audubon certification for public golf courses
  • Implement energy efficient lighting and controls for outdoor courts, parks and playfields
  • Develop a system of sustainable community indicators related to the local government planning
  • Implement the FDOT "12 Steps Towards Walkable Communities" into planning process and maintain a bicycle/pedestrian coordinator on staff
  • Adopt healthy street design as an official government policy
  • Analyze transportation routes and improve connectivity to bicycle and pedestrian network
  • Develop and maintain urban area boundaries
  • Encourage mixed-use zoning and development
  • Participate in Florida Clean Marina program and offer boater education classes
  • Implement advanced stormwater controls and waterfront considerations
  • Engage in carpool/vanpool assistance
  • Implement carpool or express bus lanes and provide an express bus to the suburban areas
  • Provide public transportation route search and information on alternative commuting on the website
  • Operate a local government material/chemical reuse/redistribution center
  • Utilize integrated pest management
  • Install LED traffic lights and utilize solar or other energy-efficient streetlights and crosswalk lights
  • Develop a reward program for employee environmental innovation in public works
  • Train and certify select staff as certified arborists
  • Maintain a recycling program
  • Construct and renovate green schools
  • Involve students in green projects within the school
  • Provide incentives for businesses that utilize EPP or other solid waste reduction strategy
  • Require mandatory recycling of typical recyclables and C&D debris for homes and businesses
  • Utilize volume-based or special rates for solid waste collection
  • Offer mulched yard waste to community
  • Create a reclaimed water infrastructure
  • Provide sanitary sewer overflow abatement
  • Use cogeneration

Green Team Contacts


Maribel Balbin
Miami-Dade County
Stephen P Clark Center, 111 NW 1st St 22nd Foor, Miami, FL 33128
Phone: 305-375-3513