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Goodwin Heart Pine Company
Reclaimed and Sustainably Harvested Wood Products
Micanopy, FL
PH: 800-336-3118 
Reclaimed wood flooring


Greenovative Design & Engineering
PH: 863-533-9007

GreenStar Panels is an innovative product whose purpose is to save money month after month for its homeowners.  It is unlikely that energy costs will go down in the future and very likely that they will rise. GreenStar Panels have successfully engineered an insulation system that is proven to fight the three forms of heat transfer into the attic space.  The expanded polystyrene combats the conduction of heat, the air channel created between the roof deck and the upper face of the panel creates a convection channel to carry the heat away, and the foil face combats the transfer of heat via radiation.  Once the product is installed, it works during the lifespan of the home and requires little or no maintenance.





Cobble Systems
Pavers and Permeable Grout
Contact: Cindy Hall
PH: 772-370-4713

Cobble Systems is a unique and patented system creating the look of handcrafted cobblestone that consists of individually cast cobblestones connected by a cast-in grid that installs in seconds.  This amazingly simple system is comprised of patterned sheets – Fans, Circles and Straights – that link together providing limitless design possibilities.  In addition, a permeable solution can be achieved for required applications through the use of various joint materials.  Cobble Systems is available in 10 colors and an optional exposed aggregate finish.  Contact Cindy Hall for more information. 

Installation and product videos can be found on our website. 

Featured on DIY Network Shows Yard Crashers, Indoors Out and Blog Cabin.





Mexican Travertine with a 3/8" pebble grout joint. EcoSystems Grout forms a permanent joint that requires little to no maintenance unlike a loose aggregate filler. EcoSystems Grout has a high compressive strength and is suitable for vehicular traffic,






Jellybean Glass is mixed with EcoSystems Grout to form a permanent yet eyecatching walkway. Lighting can be placed underneath the surface to enhance the beauty of the materials. EcoSystems Grout is self-leveling and self-compressing which allows for a variety of uses.





Slate patio with EcoSystems Grout and 20/30 Sand provide a permeable solution. EcoSytems Grout can be poured directly on the surface of any stone and will not adhere to the surface. Installation time is dramatically reduced while maintenance is enhanced. The composite nature of the grout provides a barrier against weed growth and is a permanent alternative to polymeric sand. It's quick and easy mixing process can be used on joints at 3/16" to 6" or more. No final cleaning or acid washing is required and it will not haze on the material.

EcoSystems Grout
Permeable grout
PH: 772-370-4713
Contact Cindy Hall for more information

EcoSystems Grout is a permeable grout solution for eco-friendly hardscapes with unlimited applications.  Combinations of EcoSystems Grout with sand or gravel offer the beauty of permanent natural materials without the stormwater runoff effects of solid surfaces. 


Panasonic Eco Products
Energy-Efficient Bath Fans
PH:( 904)  237-6846  
Contact: Linda Scott

Panasonic Eco Products Division is now expanding its line of energy efficient fans to include two new models with LED light engines. WhisperGreen LED™ provides unequalled installed performance and quietest operation at 0.25" w.g. static pressure, unrivaled energy efficiency and unparalleled long life. Utilizing only 7.5 watts, the 80 CFM DC motor fans are more energy efficient than ENERGY STAR® standards. Powered by SmartFlow™ Optimum CFM Technology, they detect and compensate for static pressure by increasing airflow to achieve maximum CFM output.



Tamarack Technologies
Ventilation & Air Pressure Relief Products; LED Lighting
PH: (800) 222-5932
Contact: Tom Colasanto

Achieves 2011 Energy Star code to balance pressure within the home

Balance the pressure, mitigate mold and mildew, improve the efficiency of your HVAC system

• Attractive, inexpensive & easy to install
• Eliminate expensive jump ducts and wall transfer grilles
• At 3 Pascals of pressure imbalance, allows 250 cfm of air flow. (Pressure relief)
• Durable ABS PLASTIC (paintable) and interior baffle to mitigate noise and light
• 24” width x 4” height rough opening fits most standard size doors
• Made in the U.S.A., lifetime warranty
• Masonite International tested and approved the “Perfect Balance” ® for use in their “SAFE N’ SOUND™ interior door.
• Featured in Fine Homebuilding magazine



Textured Coatings of America
High Performance Architectural Coatings
Contact: Dick Barnes
PH: 954-581-0771

TEX-COTE®’s COOLWALL® infrared heat-reflective vertical wall coating system can provide surface temperatures reduction of up to 40 degrees, providing enhance durability and superior fade resistance.