In keeping with the organization’s mission, FGBC has developed Green Certification Programs that apply to organization in the construction and government sectors. Seeking FGBC certification will demonstrate a commitment to providing your customers and stakeholders with products or services that are green and sustainable. Certification exists for:

These programs are based upon clear and concise standards that have been developed by industry experts familiar with the unique environmental issues that must be addressed in Florida. In addition, the organization regularly conducts training sessions for these programs, and carefully monitors policy compliance in the rating process.

Congratulations to the recipients of the first FGBC Certifications in their categories:

Fallman Design & Construction
Certified: 10/1/2001

Commercial Building
SMR Headquarters
Lakewood Ranch
Certified: 3/6/2007

Verandah-Bonita Bay Group
Ft. Myers
Certified: 4/15/2003

High-Rise Residential
Progresso Point
Fort Lauderdale
Certified: 3/9/2012

Local Government (County)
Pinellas County
Certified: 10/27/2006

Local Government (City)
St. Petersburg
Certified: 12/1/2006

Local Government - Gold-Level
Orange County
Certified: 2/15/2008

Local Government - Platinum Level
Certified: 11/5/13 (Recertification)